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Majors in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science

Students that major in CIS/CS are able to adapt quickly to the needs of an employer. Students also have the ability to solve difficult, potentially unexplored, problems from all areas of society. The programs offer a theoretical understanding of CIS/CS and how to apply the knowledge obtained to solve a problem

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Computer Science Major

The computer science major offers instruction and performs research in the essential areas of computer science including software, Web and Internet computing, networking, hardware systems, operating systems, compilers, parallel and distributed computing, theory of computing, and computer graphics. This major is designed to prepare students both for graduate study in computer science and for technical careers in software development, computational science, networking, science, and electronic commerce.

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Computer Information Systems Major

Computer Information Systems (CIS) offers instruction in the application of computers to the emerging needs of business and industry. In addition to business studies, student graduating in this major will have a broad background in object oriented programming, systems analysis and design, operating systems, networks and telecommunication, and management information systems. CIS courses prepare students for entry-level positions as well as for graduate study in the sciences.

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