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Feature - SciMath
Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Shaw University prepares students for employment and graduate programs in the fields of life and physical sciences. The department strives to provide students with a sound background in mathematics and science, give extensive and specialized training to ensure future success, and produce highly competitive students ready to address the shortage of  science professionals at the national level. 

Main Areas of Study

Departmental Goals

As a multidisciplinary department, the goals are varied.  However, the general objectives, unique to biology, chemistry, mathematics are:

  • To provide each student with a sound understanding of our environment, with insights as to how each major  influences their day-to-day lives.
  • To assist the students in their application of their knowledge to their work.
  • To give extensive and specialized training to the departmental majors to enable them to succeed in graduate school, professional school, or in careers in industry.  
  • To greatly increase the number of students who major in the sciences to meet the increasing needs for minority scientists, technicians and professionals.
  • To strengthen the relationships between the department, governmental agencies and the private sector in accepting our majors for internships and employment.

What Students Can Expect

The department emphasizes small class sizes and undergraduate research to better train and prepare students for graduate school, professional school or careers in a variety of fields, including environmental science, 
biotechnology, computational chemistry and pharmacy.