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Religion and Philosophy Faculty

Paul E. Wilson, Ph.D., Program Coordinator
Director of the High Point Cape 
Associate Professor, Religion and Philosophy 
919-719-1671 |

Full-Time Faculty

James F. Kirkley, Ph.D.
Division Head, General Education and First Year Studies
Associate Professor, Religion and Ethics
919-546-8399 |

Wilberforce Mundia, Ph.D., Th.D.
Professor of Religion and Philosophy
919-546-8372 | 

Jeffrey Richards, Ph.D., Th.D.
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy
919-719-1080 |

William A. Thurston, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy
919-546-8265 |

Adjunct Faculty

AlfonzaFullwood, Ph.D.
Instructor, Religion

Travis Judkins, M.Div.
Instructor, Religion and Ethics
919-546-8457 |

Norman Mathers, Ph.D.
Instructor, Religion and Ethics/Raleigh Campus
919-546-8457 |

William A. Thurston,Ph.D.
Instructor: Religion and Philosophy
919-546-8265 |

Benjamin Whitlock, M.Div.
Instructor, Religion/Kannapolis CAPE

Barbara Williams, M.Div.
Instructor, Religion/Durham CAPE
919-719-8883 |