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General Library Policies (On Campus)

  1. No food or drink allowed in the library.
  2. Loud conversations are not permitted in the library; please keep voices to a minimum.
  3. Cell phones must be kept on vibrate when using the library.
  4. Foul language and profanity are not permitted in the library.
  5. No alcohol or smoking is permitted in the library.
  6. No weapons of any kind allowed in the library.

Circulation Policies

  1. All Shaw students must use a valid Shaw ID card (only) to check out library materials.
  2. Materials may be borrowed for two weeks (10 days).
  3. Students may check out up to 10 items at one time if they do not have any outstanding fines or overdue library materials.
  4. Overdue fines are $.15 per day.
  5. Reserved books must be used in the library only.
  6. Materials may be renewed twice if no one has requested them.
  7. Renewals may be made by phone, or in-person at the circulation desk.
  8. All materials are subject to recall if needed by another user.
  9. Library users must not remove or attempt to remove library materials or property without checking them out or without proper authorization.
  10. Users should not mutilate or damage materials or tear pages from library books.
  11. Patrons are responsible for lost or damaged materials. If an item is lost, the borrower will be charged the cost of the item plus a $10.00 processing fee. If the item is found within 30 days of payment, the item may be returned to the library and a refund will be issued.

Interlibrary Loan Q & A

Q.  Who may use Interlibrary Loan services at Shaw University?
A.  Interlibrary Loan is a borrowing service available to current students, faculty and staff at Shaw University.

Q.  Are there limitations on requests?  How many requests can patrons make per week?
A.  Up to five requests may be made per week.

Q.  How long does it take for the items to arrive?
A.  At least 2 weeks (10 days) should be allowed for materials to arrive.

Q. Where are items picked up and how is notification made for where to pick up the items? Where are items returned?
A. Borrowers are sent an email when the ILL requests arrive. Pickup and return is at the main library circulation desk.

Q.  What is the lending period?
A.  Usually 2 weeks, or as determined by the lending library.

Q.  How are items renewed?
A.  Renewal procedures are determined by the lending library.

Q.  How are materials requested?
A.  Most requests are sent by email although borrowers may complete a request a form at the library circulation desk.

Q.  Are there charges for overdue Interlibrary Loan?
A.  There are no charges for borrowing books and materials on Interlibrary loan; however, if an item is lost, the replacement cost of the item is charged to the borrower.

Reference & Computer Lab Policies

  1. Reference materials must be used in the library only and may not be checked out of the library.
  2. Students may call to make an appointment with the reference librarian if a research consultation is needed.
  3. Students must sign in with a valid Shaw ID when using the computer lab.
  4. Computer lab is used on a first come first served basis.
  5. Students may not carry food or drink into the computer lab.
  6. Computers are for research purposes, only. Security will be notified if persons are found to be viewing pornographic or other offensive materials.
  7. Students may not download to computer hard drives.
  8. There is no charge for printing.
  9. Users must abide by the University's Computer and network policy. (See technology policy)
  10. Reference requests by Shaw students and faculty may be submitted online via the Ask-A-Librarian and NCKnows websites.  Responses from these websites received within 24 hours or less. Both sites are available during regular hours of operation to all Shaw University students and faculty on-campus and at remote sites.

Library Policies for Students in Distance Education

  • On-campus: All computers in the library, and throughout all Shaw campuses, require you to log in. Your login name is your Shaw U ID # (students), or your email prefix (faculty and staff) and your associated pin, the same one you use to get into your email. You may call or email the Library Staff (919-546-8407) or the Help Desk (919-546-8587). if you have trouble accessing the databases or logging on to the computers. If you are using your own device and the campus wi-fi network, log in to ‘WiFi-Guest’ with the password ‘shawbears’ If you are using your own cellular data connection instead of the wifi network, you will be treated as if you were off-campus, no matter where you are physically.
  • Off-Campus: As of the Fall 2017 semester, there is no need for a separate password to use NCLIVE*** or any of the library resources. When you are off campus, when you click you'll be taken to the 'Shaw Libraries Resource Proxy' page where you'll be asked to log in. Just use the same credentials you use to get to your email or to the campus computer desktop. (For students, it's your Student ID and the associated PIN; for all others it's your email prefix---'username' for ''--and the password associated with that account.)

Library Databases

Library resources are for students of online, hybrid, and/or video-teleconferencing (VTC) courses, as well as the on campus Shaw community, and can be accessed from both on and off-campus. In both cases, begin at the Library Homepage, and click on the Articles & Databases link. Click on the link that describes the resource you want in the table (note that the table continues on a second page). When you are on campus, you will be taken directly to the resource you have chosen. When off-campus, you’ll be taken to the “Library Resources Proxy Page” and asked to login.  

  • For Students: Use your student ID# for the username, and the associated PIN as the password. (These are the same credentials you use to get to Bearsnet, the same password you use for your email.) 
  • For Faculty and Staff: Use the prefix only of your as the 'Username' (e.g. 'yourname' for

Reference Assistance

Students at CAPE campuses can receive reference assistance by phone (919-546-8407) or by emailing ‘ Librarians are also available during regular library hours to answer questions and assist students online or by phone. 

***For direct access to NCLIVE, you may go to, click on the 'Login' button at the upper right, choose 'Shaw University' from the drop-down box and you'll be at the proxy page where you'll follow the directions above. This works, but we recommend that you enter NCLIVE through our homepage to more accurately reflect our campus usage patterns.