1865 Founding of Shaw, December 1.
1866 First class for women, March 1.
1866 Opening of night school, closed circa 1872. Re-opened November 3, 1899, closed 1904.
1870 Reception of first boarding for women.
1870 American Baptist Home Mission Society started its interest in the work of Shaw.
1871-72 Erection of Shaw hall dormitory for men; converted to dormitory for women 1944; razed 1967.
1873 Erection of Estey Hall for women; used for me 1968-70.
1873 First enrollment of on-campus boarding women (70).
1874 Beginning of the college Department.
1875 Incorporation of School under name The Shaw University.
1876 Introduction of music into program.
1878 Conferring of first bachelor degrees.
1879 Erection of Greenleaf Hall.
1880 first graduates from the theological course.
1881 Erection of Medical dormitory; later Convention Hall (for theological students); razed 1967.
1882 Establishment of Industrial department for males and females.
1882 First contribution of John f. Slater Fund.
1885 Erection of Leonard Medical Hospital.
1887 Erection of industrial Building
1889-90 Theological course extended to four years; reduced to a minister's course for which only certificates were given 1892-97. Degree (B.TH.) program restored 1897.
1890 Award of the ll. degree.
1891 Establishment of school of pharmacy.
1893 Awarding of first PH.G., degree .
1893 N.F. Roberts acting president of Shaw (Nov.1893-March 1894)..
1894 Meserve became second president, March.
1895Graduation of first Missionary training class.
1896 Erection of Administration Building, which was named Meserve Hall after the retirement of the second president.
1896-97 Organization of the industrial department into a four year program
1897-98 Semester system adopted to replace the three-term system change to three terms 1965-69; return to semester system 1970-71.
1900Awarding of the first B.TH. degree(4).
1902 First contribution of General Education Board .
1902.Central hot-water heating plant given by J.D Rockefeller, furnished heat to all the buildings expect Tupper Hall.
1902 Requirements for Bachelor of Science made the same as that for the Bachelor of Arts.
Erection of Tupper Memorial Building , named in honor of the founder .Used first for manual Arts ;1932 remodeled for use as gymnasium , and finally made a dormitory for men (1946).
1909 Normal department changed to the Educational department and become a regular part of the college program
1910 Preparatory department became a four years Academy, which was discontinued in 1926.
1910 Erection of hospital building (Tyler Hall); later housed the library, Home Economics department and Teacher's Club.in1968was remodeled to house administration service .
1912 Beginning of points system for graduation
1912 combining of Classical and scientific departments into college of arts and sciences .
1914 closing of law school.
1914 medical School Program reduced to two-year premedical course.
1915 Organization of band and orchestra. The band discontinued 1927 and the orchestra,1929. The band reorganized 1968.
1917 Beginning of basketball.
1918 Closing of all professional schools.
1918Establishment of summer schools by North Carolina State Department of Education for In-Service-Teachers; was discontinued in1930.
1919Establishment of Greek fraternity chapter of phi beta sigma.
Appointment of Joseph L. Peacock as president.
1923 Incorporation of education as full major program of the college.
1923 Shaw was given an  ''A'' rating by North Carolina Board of Education (first Negro college in the State to receive such).
1924 Dedication of Alumni athletic Field -used for athletic contests.
1924 Discontinuance of the elementary education program, re-established 1932.
1924 Publication of Shaw journal the student newspaper.
1925 Discontinuance of the Department of medical arts.
1925 Erection of Science Building (Roberts Hall) at a cost of $90,000--gift of the general Education Board.
1925 Presentation of first play, Twelfth Night ,by Dramatic Society ,directed by Benjamin Brawley. Organized as the Shaw players.
1926 Shaw became the first institution South of Washington devoted exclusively to the college and theological work.
1926 Beginning of the qualitative requirement of grades and grade points, semester hour, for graduation.
1926 Home Economics became part of a regular college program; discontinued 1967.
1927 Establishment of the Greek fraternity chapter of Omega Psi Phi.
1928 Awarding of the B.S degree in Home Economics (4)
1931 Election of First Negro President Dr. Williams S. Nelson, to serve full-time.
1931 Establishment of the chorale Society.
1931 Establishment of the Alpha Omicron Honors Society, and the institution of graduation with Honors.
1932 establishment of Appointment Bureau for teachers
1932 Establishment of summer School program by Shaw--primarily for Shaw students.
1933 Enlargement of the theological department by establishing the school of the Religion to confer B.D. Degrees.
1933 Shaw given “B'' rating By Association of Colleges and Secondary schools of Southern States-hence on the approved list.
Establishment of Alpha Rho Chapter of Greek sorority, Delta sigma theta.
1934 Y.W.C.A Sponsored First "Miss Shaw " contest.
1935 First annual high school drama festival sponsored by Shaw university and the organization of State High School Dramatic Association , .
1936 Inauguration of Robert P. Daniel as fifth President of Shaw University in November.
1936 Shaw becomes a member of the Intercollegiate Dramatic Association .
1936 establishment of the Greek sorority, Zeta Phi Beta and the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha.
1936 Shaw University Admitted to approved list of schools under the Board of Education of Northern Baptist Convention.
1937 Establishment of Department of religious Promotion.
1937 Discontinuance of the use of Diplomas written in Latin.
1937-38 Girls won North Carolina Basketball Championship for the next two years.
1938 Degrees conferred for the first time at summer school convocation.
1939 Establishment of Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha.
1940-41 Erection of home Economics Practice House.
1941 Erection on South Wilmington Street two residence for administrative officers.
1941 Opening of Nursery School; closed in 1950.
1941 Rebuilding of William S. Turner Gates. Originally erection 1930 as a memorial to Dean turner (dean of college1921 -1930).
1942 Inauguration of special professional curriculum in Religious and Missionary Education.
1942 Initiation of Freshman Orientation Program, Inauguration of 3day faculty conference prior to opening of school.
1942 football discontinued through 1944; discontinued again for one year 1952.
1943 Shaw given ''A" rating by Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
1943-44 Establishment of Baptist Headquarters On campus (second floor of Leonard Building). Moved into own Building on South Wilmington street in 1954.
1945 Established the  Department of Rural Church in cooperation with the Phelps -Strokes Fund and the Home Missions Council of North America.
1946 Erection of vehicle storage and central heating building.
1947 The Women's Choir, a new organization of the University , under the direction of Miss Enola Laws, presented its first concert.
1948 Establishment of a chapter the Greek sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho.
1948 Erection of the University chapel.
1949 Purchase of West Campus (old Rex Hospital building); occupied in !951; sold to city 1964.
 End of Daniel Administration , January  of 1949.
1950 Interim committee functions as "administrator", February 1,1950 to November 1950
1950 Appointments of W. R. Strassner as acting president.
1951 Inauguration of W. R. Strassner as sixth presidents of Shaw University, November 15.
1951 establishment of chapter of Greek fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, April 28 .
1953 Erection of campus Inn; later converted to secretarial center 1967.
1953 Establishment of department of Business.
1953 Initiation of the Distinguished service awards to the outstanding alumnus of the College of Arts and Science (awards  to graduate of professional school started in 1949).
1961 Beginning of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity fringe benefit plan.
1963Appointment of James E. Cheek as president of Shaw; served December -June 1969 first alumnus to head the school.
1965 Erection of the Administration Building.
1965 Initiation of the Shaw plan of Education.
 Erection of faculty apartments on person and Lenoir Streets.
1966 Inauguration of James Cheek as seventh president of Shaw University in April.
1967 Graduation of the last class in Home Economics.
1967 Erection of Students Union and the women's Dormitory.
1968 Purchase of the University’s 40-acre farm on Rock Quarry Road.
1969 Separation of the School of Religion into separate entity from Shaw University College of Arts and Sciences.
1969 Appointment of King V. Cheek as president; Served June 1969- January 1971.
1969 Establishments of the School of Urban Sciences.
1970 Erection of Men's dormitory, the Communication and Urban Science Building
1970 Organization of Shaw University credit union.
1971-72 Institution of Co-operative plan of education.



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