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Feature - CIS
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Computer and information technologies have become increasingly central to nearly all large scale human endeavors. The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems offers a range of courses and programs that provide students with the technological expertise they will need to excel in today‚Äôs increasingly digital world.  Computational problem solving has become so widespread that a degree in computer science prepares students for success not just in careers as programmers, but in a diverse range of fields such as business, medicine, banking, information technology, and biotechnology among many others.  Many of the fastest growing and best paying jobs today are directly related to computers and software.  The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems strives to create graduates who will be competitive and successful in these fast growing careers.

The mission of the department is to excel in both of the complementary fields of research and education. Through the pursuit of a rigorous research program, the department seeks to both propel forward the state of the art, and to enrich the undergraduate experience through exposure to, and involvement in, actual research.  Through the pursuit of a rigorous education program, the department strives to produce graduates who are well prepared to work professionally or go on to graduate education in computer science or computer information systems.

Another primary mission of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems is to provide introductory computer training to all students.  The ever increasing presence of technology in nearly all aspects of society has meant that basic computer skills are a necessary component to success in college and in life.  The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems strives to provide these necessary skills to all students.   

Computer Science Major

The computer science major offers instruction and performs research in the essential areas of computer science including software, Web and Internet computing, networking, hardware systems, operating systems, compilers, parallel and distributed computing, theory of computing, and computer graphics. This major is designed to prepare students both for graduate study in computer science and for technical careers in software development, computational science, networking, science, and electronic commerce.

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Computer Information Systems Major

Computer Information Systems (CIS) offers instruction in the application of computers to the emerging needs of business and industry. In addition to business studies, student graduating in this major will have a broad background in object oriented programming, systems analysis and design, operating systems, networks and telecommunication, and management information systems. CIS courses prepare students for entry-level positions as well as for graduate study in the sciences.

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