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Master of Divinity

Shaw University Divinity School provides theological education dedicated to the preparation of clergy and laity for clinical, pastoral, and teaching/research ministry professions.

One of the professional degree programs offered through the divinity school is the Master of Divinity (MDiv). The Master of Divinity degree is designed to equip persons for competent leadership in Christian Ministry to serve congregational ministries and other religious institutions. This program focuses on leadership in the practice of ministry, particularly in the African American Church.

Students enrolled in the Master of Divinity Program focus on four specific aspects of the practice of ministry:

  • Christian Heritage: Student will develop an understanding of the scriptural, historical, and theological traditions of particular Christian traditions and of the broader community of faith.
  • Cultural Awareness: Students will develop a consciousness about and a capacity to reflect critically on issues of diversity, globalization, and cross cultural concerns.
  • Ministerial Identify: Students will reflection on how their unique personalities, backgrounds, gifts and abilities relate to the minister as leader, guide, and servant of the faith community.
  • Leadership: Students will develop skills in creating programs and demonstrating ministerial and public leadership.

MDiv Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the Master of Divinity degree is required to complete a total of ninety (90) semester hours of credit. Twenty-two (22) required courses (for a total of 66 hours) and eight elective courses (for a total of 24 hours) are needed to satisfy the requirements for the degree. These courses are listed below:

Required Courses in Biblical Studies
OTS 501 Survey of the Old Testament (3)
OTS 502 Theory and Practice of OT Exegesis (3) Prerequisite: OTS 501
NTS 501 Survey of the New Testament (3)
NTS 502 Theory and Practice of NT Exegesis (3) Prerequisite: NTS 501

Required Courses in Theology and Ethics
THE 500 Introduction to Theology (3)
THE 501 Systematic Theology (3) Prerequisite: THE 500
THE 511 Christian Ethics (3)

Required Courses in Church History
HIS 501 Survey of Church History 1 (3)
HIS 502 Survey of Church History 2 (3) Prerequisite: HIS 501
HIS 533 African American Church History (3)
HIS 534 Women in Western Religious History (3)
HIS 551 Denominational History and Polity (3)

Required Courses in Homiletics
PWS 501 Homiletics I: Introduction to Homiletics (3)
PWS 502 Homiletics II: Seminar in Preaching (3) Prerequisite: PWS 501
PWS 512 Philosophy and Psychology of Preaching (3) Prerequisite: PWS 502

Additional Required Courses
MIN 502 Spiritual Formation (3)
MIN 503 Spiritual Integration (3)
PPC 502 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling (3)
FED 501 Field Education (3)
ADM 501 Church and Administration (3)
CED 501 Introduction to Christian Education (3)
PWS 521 Introduction to Christian Worship (3)

Elective Courses

(Each student will select eight courses as electives from the catalog.)

For More Information

For more information about the Master of Divinity degree program, please contact Dr. Joseph A. Bryant, Graduate Program Director for MDiv and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at 336-886-7613.