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Dr. Paula Moten-Tolson

The theme/purpose of the conceptual framework undergirding the Department of Education’s programs is to produce graduates who are critical thinking problem solvers with the knowledge, pedagogical, and technological skills, and professional dispositions needed to function as effective teachers in a diverse world.



Mission Statement                                                               Department Learning Outcomes



                                                                                 Departmental Goals

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Courses offered for spring semester 2009:


EDU 101: Basic Instructional Technology

EDU 111: Foundations of Education

EDU 112: Foundations of Education Field Lab

EDU 217: Praxis Seminar II: Reading

EDU 250: Curriculum and Development for a Community of Learners

EDU 251: Curriculum and Development for a Community of Learners Field Lab

EDU 270: Child and Adolescent Development

EDU 319:  Problems of Early Childhood

EDU 350:  Children’s Literature

EDU 401: Capstone Seminar—Electronic Portfolio

EDU 415: Tests and Measurements

EDU 425: Behavioral Management and Intervention Strategies

EDU 461: Teaching Science in the Elementary School

EDU 464: Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School

EDU 477: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School

EDU 499: Student Teaching

CAD 486: Agencies and Services for Young Children and Families

EBK 385: Multicultural Education in Early Childhood

ECI 612:   Working with Young Children and their Families

ECI 630:  Assessment: Measuring and Evaluating Learning in Early Childhood Curriculum

ECI 677:  Instructional Leadership in Early Childhood Education

ECI 692:  The Design of Educational Research and Evaluation


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