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Professional Development Advisory Committee

Members of the PDAC have the responsibility of executing the mission of Professional Development. Their specific duties include:

  • Assessing faculty and staff needs and interest for appropriate professional development opportunities.
  • Planning and implementing professional development activities at Shaw University.
  • Reviewing dossiers for sabbatical leaves and making recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Reviewing dossiers and making recommendations for awards in teaching and professional excellence.
  • Reviewing proposals and making recommendations for mini-grant awards.
  • Reviewing applications for travel to conferences and workshops to enhance professional development for funding awarded through Title III.
  • Preparing a quarterly and annual report on professional development activities.    


The committee meets every 4th Wednesday of each month, as necessary, during the academic year.  Meetings may be called by the chairperson or upon the request of a committee member. 


Committee members are nominated by their respective areas to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. The committee consist of two faculty members from the Academic Divisions, two members from Academic Support Departments and two staff members along with members of the Professional Development Office (Faculty Director, Staff Director and Program Assistant). The chair will be the Faculty Development Director. Each member other than office staff will serve a term of three years. In the event that a member cannot finish his/her term, another member will be nominated to serve for a renewed three years.