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From Soldier to Student - Marquel Sanders Shares His Story

Marquel SandersKinston, NC native Marquel Sanders entered the Army right out of high school in 2010. After three years of active duty, he transferred to the National Guard and enrolled at Shaw University at the age of 21 to continue his education. Below, Marquel tell us a bit about his journey from the soldier to student and his plans for the future.

“I learned a lot from the military and it opened me up to thinking about life outside the military when I got out. I had family and friends that attended Shaw University and that’s how I learned about the school. Shaw has really been a true stepping stone for me to elevate myself and turn my dreams into reality.”

Sanders is currently working with the Carolina Hurricanes as an administrative assistant and project coordinator. He plans on pursuing a career in sport management when he graduates next summer. He says Shaw has helped him every step of the way in his successful transition from the military to civilian life.

“I really had to start pretty much from the ground up and restart my whole career outside the military, and Shaw has really helped me find opportunities.”

Outside of school, Sanders is continuing in the military tradition of service in his life as a civilian. He volunteers as an AAU basketball coach for 14 year old boys and plans to start his own non-profit one day that will leverage the power of sports to build character in youth.

“It's a great opportunity to shape and build these young men. Basketball isn’t just about putting the ball through the hoop. There’s so many life skills that you learn from basketball - honesty, integrity, teamwork, and communication. Those are life skills that you take with you off the court.”

Sanders says that his time in the military and Shaw have prepared him for the rest of his life and were great opportunities for self-discovery. He’s now looking forward to earning his degree and taking these lessons out into the world.

“I was told by the administration when I came in that in college you really find out what type of person you are and how you’ll set yourself up for the rest of your life. Here at Shaw I’ve been given a tremendous amount of positive energy and wisdom. I’m very excited to soon be an alumnus.”