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Honors College and Career Development Center Host Leadership Workshop

Group of StudentsThe Honors College and Experiential Learning and Career Development Center held a Lunch and Learn Leadership Workshop on Thursday, November 16, 2017, with Dr. Derrick Drakeford, CEO of Drakeford, Scott, & Associates L.L.C. Students explored their individual purpose in relation to their organization’s mission to move towards deeper meaning and fulfillment. The goal was to develop a compassionate team where each leader envisions their work as an opportunity to execute their individual purpose in life.

The second part of the workshop included hands-on exercises to help students work in team environments and in leadership roles:

  1. the 4 Ts of Team Agreement,
  2. the Dysfunctions of a team, and,
  3. Action Planning to Increase Accountability.

Over 40 students from the Honors College, SGA, The Royal Court and the Leadership Society attended.

Student Quotes

“It was a riveting experience. Dr. Drakeford allowed us to think more in depth about our goals and processes. The workshop got us out of our seats and active.” - Briona May, Senior, Miss Shaw University: 

“In today’s lunch and learn workshop, I learned how to find my purpose. I also learned how to express myself more and get over the fear of talking in front of a lot of people.” - Sidney McLaurin, Freshman, Honors College 

“Dr. Drakeford came in happy and encouraging…I realized that even though we go through things in life that may set us back or hold us back we still have a purpose.” - Cheyenne Marlowe, Sophomore, Biology Major