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Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program

Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP) is a "Special Cooperative Project on Critical Thinking through Technology" funded by  U.S. Department of Education. The specific science needs of the partnering institutions are addressed through the instruction and guidance of participating faculty members in Critical Thinking through Technology (CTTT) methodology and curriculum development activities based on this methodology.

For more information about the MSEIP, please contact:

Dr. Ramesh Mathur 
Professor of Mathematics   
Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics   
Campus Project Director, MSEIP  
(919) 546-8369 Ext: 8369 

Results and Impact

The critical thinking project results are being compiled. Examples of test questions, strategies used, the impact, and special software will be posted soon.


  • Shaw had two professors to successfully administer the Watson-Glaser Test to over 60 students
  • Presented findings at the 2013 Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA
  • Attended the Critical Thinking workshop at Virginia Union University



At the conclusion of the project, a mini test will be posted for students to test their critical thinking skills!

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