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Chair of the United States Southeast African Languages and Cultures Forum (SEALLF): Dr. Désiré Baloubi’s Interview Published in Podcast by Anne Fox from Denmark 



Professor of English and Linguistics 

Dr. Desire Baloubi, Chair of the Shaw University Department of Humanities and Chair of the U.S. Southeast African Languages and Literatures Forum (SEALLF), was interviewed by Anne Fox on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. The interview was published on November 11, 2011 in ‘absolutely intercultural,’ which is “the first ever intercultural podcast.” In fact, it is “the first podcast in the world to deal with intercultural issues.”

Inspired by the study he presented at the African Language Teachers Association (ALTA) annual conference at Rudgers University in 2006, “Re-engineering African Studies in American Colleges and Universities: The Role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” Dr. Baloubi continues to play an active role in the national organization that promotes the teaching and learning of African languages and cultures in the United States. His peers elected him Chair of the U.S. sub-regional forum, SEALLF, on October 2nd, 2011 during their annual conference at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, which marked the beginning of an aggressive campaign on the campuses of American institutions of higher learning. The following Communiqué clearly set the tone:

We, the members of Southeast African Languages and Literatures Forum (SEALLF) at the second annual conference of the forum held at the Chapel Hill Campus of the University of North Carolina, acknowledge that in view of the internationalization of the curriculum at many American colleges and universities, there is the need to increase the number of American undergraduate and graduate students engaged in the study of critical languages of Africa. 

During the interview, Ms. Anne Fox, a winner of last year’s European Podcast Award, wanted to know what would motivate American students to learn African languages instead of or in addition to the traditional Indo-European languages. Please click on any of the links below and listen to the ‘absolutely intercultural’ podcast to be “absolutely informed.”

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