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News Release 

Roger Shacklford, '72 

 Roger Shackleford, ’72, Named Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development 

December 29, 2011 – Shaw alumnus Roger Shackleford, ’72 has been appointed Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development for the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Shackleford will manage a new division within the department that combines workforce professionals across the state who previously worked in separate Department of Commerce divisions. The new division will coordinate the use of federal and state funds that support the delivery of employment and training related services to youth and adult workers and employers around the state.  

In addition, the new division will focus on accelerating efforts to close the skill gaps of North Carolina workers and employers as identified in the recently published NC Commission on Workforce Development “2011 State of the North Carolina Workforce” report. Close coordination with education and training institutions, community based organizations and other state and local partners will be crucial to the success of the new division.  

Prior to this appointment, Shackleford served at the Executive Director of Workforce Development for the Department of Commerce. He has over 24 years experience in workforce development and policy administration at the state and local level.