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Shaw Selected as a Flagship Campus for NYU Project


April 24, 2013 - Shaw University has been selected as a Flagship Campus for the project "A Network for Understanding the New Europe" at New York University (NYU) the University announced. The University and 19 other Flagship Campuses will sponsor faculty members to serve as Institutional Ambassadors for faculty development seminars. Shaw faculty members Dr. James Kirkley (Religion and Philosophy) and Dr. Carmen Walker (Political Science/ International Relations) will participate in the seminars.

The Faculty Resource Network (FRN) at NYU, in partnership with NYU's Center for Global Affairs is sponsoring this innovative project. The stated goal of the initiative is "to raise awareness about European Union (EU) policies and institutions, the EU's role as an international actor in the economic and political field, and the value of the EU-US relationship." As such, the New Europe project will work to promote greater knowledge of Europe both in the New York metro area and throughout the U.S. at FRN member institutions. Campuses participating in the project will be required to develop a plan for hosting outreach events about Europe in their own communities.

At the center of this project are three faculty seminars, each focusing on an issue of crucial importance in contemporary Europe. The first seminar, to take place in June 2013, will examine the question of immigration, and its socioeconomic and political effects on the whole of Europe. The second, which will take place in Athens, Greece in January 2014, will provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about the history, structure, and politics of the European Union while residing briefly in an EU country. The third, scheduled for June 2014, will focus on Europe and its role in the world economy. These three seminars will provide participants with a strong foundation from which to build public programs on Europe in their own communities.

The project began in January 2013 with a competitive process to select institutions from FRN membership that were committed to becoming Flagship Campuses in the project. These 20 Flagship Campuses have agreed to send faculty members as Institutional Ambassadors to the three faculty development seminars based on the faculty member's area of expertise.