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Participants in Rally

Rally for Raleigh - Shaw Students March to the Polls

Shaw students rallied in the quad on Friday, May 4 to hear from candidates before marching to the polls at the Chavis Community Center, one of several early voting sites in Raleigh. The event was co-hosted by former North Carolina Representative and U.S. Senatorial candidate Deborah Ross. 

“Voting is among our most precious rights,” said Ross. “I am honored to be a part of Shaw University’s effort to increase student participation in voting and our political process.” 

Shaw students Briona May and Jabrille Little said they organized the event to stress the importance of civic engagement among their fellow students and give candidates the opportunity to speak directly to students.

“Civic activism has always been a part of who we are at Shaw, and we want to send the message that voting is important even when there’s not a presidential election,” said May. “This is a great opportunity for students to hear directly from candidates and participate in our democracy.”

Candidates attending the event included N.C. House Representative Rosa Gil, U.S. House Representative David Price, Wake County Commissioner James West, Judge Ashleigh Parker Dunston, Wake County Board of Commissioners candidate Lindy Brown, U.S. House candidate Ken Romley, and N.C House candidate Antoine Marshall. 

Primary elections for North Carolina were held on May 8. 

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