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Strategic Planning Model

Institutional Level

Development of an institutional strategic plan entails institution-wide involvement for success.  The Institutional plan is developed for a 5 year cycle and is assessed yearly to measure success, institute changes for improvement, and make adjustments to the institutional plan based on results of assessments.  Each year institutional priorities are reviewed, assessed, and modified if necessary.

Program/Unit Level

Program/unit level planning follows the Institutional Model in that each Program Coordinator/Unit Director develops a plan for their area that supports the Institutional goals and objectives. The yearly plans for each academic program and support units are entered into Taskstream and directly support the Program's/Unit's goals and objectives.

The End of Year Course Assessment report guides course level planning.  Student Learning Outcomes that have been developed based on best practices in the discipline are reviewed and assessed to ensure quality instruction and learning.  Each level is intricately linked and is impacted by the University’s mission, the institutional goals, assessment strategies within academic programs and administrative services units, and the incorporation of results into the planning process for improvement.  

Download EPIC 2020 Strategic Plan