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Shaw University President Announces New Efficiency Process

February 24, 2014 - Shaw University Acting President Dr. Gaddis J. Faulcon announced today that the University will begin a new initiative to increase efficiency and reduce cost through process optimization. Taking a page from the business sector, this effort will include a detailed analysis of the University’s operations to achieve quantifiable improvement and growth across all campus departments.

"It is critical that Shaw University examines and addresses internal challenges and bottlenecks with the calculated next step being process improvement," said President Faulcon. "We will assess all of our operating procedures and evaluate our past performance to ultimately achieve and exceed improvement goals."

President Faulcon appointed Tashni-Ann Dubroy, Ph.D. as Special Assistant to the President for Process Optimization to lead the initiative. In this new role, Dubroy will engage the entire campus community in process optimization by focusing on a customer-centric culture that removes organizational barriers to growth. "Establishing and maintaining a unique value proposition is a vital step in the quest to maintain sustainability and to ease administrative succession at Shaw University," said Dubroy. "By leveraging our strengths and capitalizing on unexplored opportunities, it is possible to enhance Shaw’s academic and fiscal climate, while reconnecting with our social base."

In addition to examining internal processes, the University is re-connecting with members of the Raleigh-Durham community, re-engaging business leaders and building relationships with educational and civic groups to create new partnerships. 

This initiative comes at a critical time in the life of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) when their relevance and return on investment is being challenged. Shaw has taken an important step in implementing a course of action that will benefit current, past and future Shaw graduates for years to come.