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About Campus Police and Security

The Campus Police and Security Department are sworn officers of the courts. The primary function of the department is to enforce the laws of the land and to reduce infractions and criminal actions of the community, student, staff and visitors without destroying the model or image of the University. The department will prosecute to the fullest anyone who has maliciously broken regulations and laws, first but by way of rehabilitation for those who can learn from their mishap and continue their educational goals and then through the court system.

Campus Police and Security performs a variety of law enforcement tasks including, investigation of criminal activity, apprehension of criminals, traffic enforcement, emergency response and special security assignments. Campus Police and Security coordinates criminal investigations with the Raleigh Police Department, as needed and as part of the community policing/crime prevention effort.

Chief Martin V. McCoy, Sr.

Chief Martin V. McCoy, Sr.Chief Martin V. McCoy, Sr. a native of Rocky Mount, NC started his career in Law Enforcement as a member of the City of Rocky Mount Police Department’s Explorer Program in 1977 and was the first Police Explorer to become a Rocky Mount Police Officer. Chief Martin was hired in Rocky Mount on August 8, 1983 and retired as Captain from the department in December 2012. Chief McCoy managed the Criminal Investigations for 4 years and the Patrol Services Division for 3 years during his tenure.

Chief McCoy graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 1990 with honors. He received his Advanced Law Enforcement Certification in March 1998. Chief Martin graduated from Shaw University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice with honors in 1998. While at Shaw, he served the SGA as an advisor to the the Senior class of 1997 and later as the Vice President for the Senior class of 1998. He was also inducted into the Shaw University Hall of Fame in 2002. Chief McCoy also graduated from the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011. Chief McCoy is a member of the North State Law Enforcement Officers Association and an active member of the Eastern Chapter. He has been a member of the association for over 30 years. 

Chief Martin is a Certified Criminal Justice instructor and teaches Constitutional Law for several Basic Law Enforcement Training Academies. Additonally, he is an instructor with a number of colleges and local police agencies throughout the state. With over 20 years of instructional experience in addition to over 31 years in Law Enforcement, Chief McCoy believes strongly in the comprehensive approach to team building and service delivery. 

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