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Counseling Center » Services Provided

Individual Counseling: Confidential counseling is provided for students who have personal concerns, difficulties adjusting to the college and other stressors with daily living. Individual counseling is short-term in nature. Services are available if long-term treatment is necessary.

Support Groups: Support groups are available on a continual and as-needed basis. Students can request for specific support groups to be implemented.

Student Disability Services: The mission of the Disability Services Program in general is to offer quality services and reasonable and effective accommodations to students with disabilities in order to enhance their academic success, participation in educational programs, and quality of campus life. Shaw University does not discriminate in the recruitment, admission, educational process, or treatment of disabled individuals, pursuant to the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Since assessment constitutes the basis for determining reasonable accommodations, it is in the student's best interest to provide recent and appropriate documentation, which will serve as the basis for the student's need for accommodations. Another part of the Disability Services Program is to help students to become better advocates for them. As effective self-advocates, students learn to speak and act for themselves. The Counseling Center provides services for students with permanent and/or temporary disabilities to ensure all university programs are accessible. Each qualified person, based on accurate documentation, will receive appropriate accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities and activities in the most integrated setting possible.

For additional information, contact Jerelene Carver, Director of the Counseling Center 919-546-8525

Workshops/Seminars: Each month workshops or seminars are available for students. Workshops vary in topics such as: Alcohol Awareness, Stress Management, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Violence Against Women and Men, Dating and relationships etc.

Substance Abuse Counseling will be provided in an assertive and positive effort to empower the administration, faculty, staff and students to maintain an addiction free campus. The addiction professional will conduct workshops and provide both individual and group sessions. The Shaw University has a Zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol.

Students receive optimal care, treatment, and education relevant to drug and alcohol prevention. Peer educators have been established to make recommendations, and provide practical strategies for greater communications among the entire campus. Any student who violates our drug policy will be referred to our Judicial Affairs division.

For more information, contact Yolanda Mercer at 919-546-8283.