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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a meal plan? 

With our meal plan, you have the option of eating up to 19 meals on campus each week.

When you purchase a meal plan, your student identification card becomes your pass to eat in the dining hall. You begin each week with 19 meals. Each time you eat a meal it is subtracted from your weekly total. Uneaten meals do not carryover as your meal plan is reset each week.



What is a Commuter Meal Plan?  

Designed exclusively for commuter students, faculty and staff, the Commuter Meal Plan is great for the occasional diner. The meal plan offers a convenient, hassle free way to always enjoy a delicious meal or grab a quick bite, without ever searching for a quarter.

You may purchase your meal plan card using financial aid dollars, a credit card, or cash in the dining hall.  Commuter meal plan cards are non-transferrable and if lost, non-refundable. 

 The Commuter Meal Plans are available for:

10 Meals $44.29
25 Meals $112.27
50 Meals $218.36
75 Meals $318.27
100 Meals $410.97
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