Shaw University 150

Message from the President

Dorothy Cowser Yancy, Ph.D.Although we have experienced challenges, as Shaw Bears we have triumphed over that adversity, and now we celebrate the victory. It is my pleasure to present the 2009-2011 Shaw University President’s Report.

When I assumed the position of interim president in June 2009, the University was in dire straits, and some were prepared to write our obituary. Since then, we have stabilized our financial state by securing a $31.1 million-dollar federal loan, by restructuring and refinancing the University’s debt, by balancing the budget, and by increasing our financial responsibility composite score. During this period, we have also tightened our belt, lived within our means, and managed the University within the parameters of our resources. In addition, during the fall 2010 semester, the University enrolled 759 freshman students—the largest freshman class in the Institution’s history—and overall student enrollment increased from 2507 to 2711.

On April 16, 2011, we faced yet another challenge when a tornado severely damaged our University. Not only did we recover from the storm, but, like the phoenix, we rose to the occasion, working tirelessly day and night to restore our historic campus. With the support of the community and the entire Shaw family, we persevered, making what seemed impossible possible.

Despite adversity, we continue to flourish. Our students carry on and perpetuate the historic legacy of academic excellence and civic engagement. Many students have actively participated in national and international academic programs, humanitarian efforts, research conferences, and community events. Moreover, the faculty has continued to engage in cutting-edge research, community service, and stellar teaching practices. Enough cannot be said about the staff. Without them, there would be no Shaw. Together, we have moved the University forward.

While there is still much work to do, I am proud of what has been accomplished during the past two years. We thank our generous supporters for helping us to do what we do best—enhance the quality of life for our students by providing a world-class education in an enriching and engaging environment.


Dorothy Cowser Yancy, Ph.D.