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Honors Program Students

Honors Student Success

Shaw University Honors Students Accepted to the Neuroscience Initiative to Enhance Diversity 

Honors Students Thandi Kololo (Biology) and Kundai Manyonga (Biology)was accepted to the Neuroscience Initiative to Enhance Diversity (NIED) program at the University of California--Davis.

The Neuroscience Initiative to Enhance Diversity (NIED) program aims to encourage sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and provide preparation for Graduate School. 

Shaw University Honors Students selected as a Frederick Douglass Summer Scholars 

Janell Odom
Janell Odom 
Caleb Simmons
Caleb Simmons 
(Computer Science)

Honors Students Janell Odom (Biology) and Caleb Simmons (Computer Science) were selected as a Frederick Douglass Summer Scholars (FDSS). They will receive a Grant for $1,500 to travel. The select 2021 summer programs for FDSS grantees include: Legon, Ghana; Rome, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; and Seville, Spain.

This is Honors Excellence!