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Student Health Center

Welcome to the Shaw University Health Center. The Health Center is located on the west wing, first floor in the Fleming-Kee Men's Living and Learning Residence Hall. 

Health supervision and medical care is provided by two licensed physicians, a registered nurse (RN) and a licensed practical nurse (LPN). 

  • Marie Debnam, MD. 

  • Marjorie Debnam, MD 

  • Carolyn Parks, RN 

  • Tanesia Outlaw, LPN 

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) pandemic, our physicians will see students by appointment only. 
To make an appointment, please call 919.719.6324 or 919.546.8286, or email or  

COVID-19 Policy

Upload Covid-19 Test Results
  • No student will be allowed on campus or permitted to move into campus housing without presenting a recent negative test result. 
  • All students must present a negative PCR test result from a COVID-19 test performed 3-5 days prior to coming on campus. (No exceptions)
  • The university will not provide any housing options for students that do not present a negative test result at check in.
  • Off campus housing will be at the students' expense until such time as a negative test report is submitted.
  • On campus students will present results to staff prior to entering their residence hall for move in or to retrieve property. Your move in date/time will be mailed to your Bear's account
  • Off campus students must present their negative test results in the gym on January 16th or 17th from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Off campus students will not be permitted on campus or attend face-face classes until proof of a negative test result taken within 3-5 days of return.
  • If students have not been tested, please visit one of the organizations linked to be tested before coming to campus.

Shaw University Isolation and Quarantine Policy 

  • We have designated 22 isolation and 48 quarantine rooms for students living in on-campus housing. The isolation rooms are single entry, private bathroom, separate HVAC and amenities for reheating or storing food. 
  • Students living on campus can choose to isolate or quarantine in one of our designated rooms or at their permanent off-campus residence. Students living off campus can either quarantine or isolate in place or at their permanent residence.  Faculty and staff should isolate or quarantine at home. 
  • University staff will work with students on an individual plan for isolation and quarantine and provide regular check-ins throughout the process at a minimum of twice a day. If severe symptoms are noted, (chest pains, difficulty breathing, or elevated temperature). Residence staff will call 911 immediately.
  • While in isolation or quarantine on campus, a nurse visits student daily to personally check temperatures and inquire about any symptoms the students may have. Off campus students in isolation and quarantine will receive a call from our physician or a nurse to check on student's temperature and to inquire about any symptoms that may indicate COVID infection. If a student is experiencing serious complications 911 is called.
  • On-campus isolation spaces are outfitted with microwaves, refrigerators, water, soups, cleaning supplies, and other items students may need during their stay.
  • The cafeteria delivers meals to each residence hall 3 times a day. The meals are then delivered to each isolation or quarantine room by a residence staff, donned in appropriate PPE.
  • When students have completed their stay in isolation or quarantine, they are referred to Student Health Services. Our physician or staff nurse will examine the student and give them a letter of release from isolation or quarantine and give follow up care or medical referrals as needed.
  • If students have concerns about COVID – 19 or any other medical concerns, BearsCare is available to them 24/7 at no cost. BearsCare is a Telehealth service provided by Timely MD. Students, faculty and staff can use this service by visiting or call customer support at 833.484.6359. 

This information is subject to change. Last updated: December 7, 2020.