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Campus Conduct Hotline

Campus Conduct HotlineSM

As part of the University's continuing effort to promote "zero tolerance" of unethical conduct in the workplace, we are pleased to announce Campus Conduct HotlineSM. Campus Conduct HotlineSM is designed to minimize any apprehension you may have and make it possible for you to report concerns about possible violations of our institution's Code of Ethics and employment policies. Campus Conduct HotlineSM is available for your use around the clock, seven days a week. Because the Hotline is operated by an independent organization, any calls made through this Hotline are completely confidential and anonymous.

Using this new reporting service is easy If you have a question or concern about a possible violation of our Code of Ethics or employment policies, simply dial toll-free to 866.943.5787. Once you have dialed the toll-free number, here is how the reporting and follow-up process works:

  • Your call we be greeted promptly and courteously by a person who makes certain you understand the Campus Conduct HotlineSM program and how it functions. If you prefer to make your report in a language other than English, just let the person who answers know and they will arrange for a translator to participate.
  • At the beginning of the interview, you will be provided with a five-digit, randomly generated case number that you should use to check back for updates and requests for additional information. Be sure to write this number down and remember where you put it.
  • You will then be interviewed about the question or concern that is on your mind.
  • Your interview will not be recorded. Instead, the interviewer will be typing notes of your conversation. Whether or not you choose to provide your name is completely up to you.
  • Within one business day of your call, a summary of the interview will be forwarded to our institution. Our goal will be to have a basic response back to you in five business days.

Because of the built-in confidentiality, it is important that you try to be as specific as possible about the information you provide. And, please be sure to call back in five business days to check to see if any additional information is needed. Alternatively, if you would like someone to contact you directly, you can leave your name along with a phone number where and when you would prefer to be called.

At no time are you required to identify yourself and all information provided can be completely confidential and anonymous.

Shaw University is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards on our campus. If you experience or observe what you believe is inappropriate behavior and are unsure what to do, we hope you will use Campus Conduct HotlineSM to report it.

Attention Students: If a student has any issue or concern regarding the University, please submit a student grievance form. The grievance policy can be found in the student handbook.