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Financial Clearance Process

Students must be financially cleared in order to be officially registered and start classes. Financial clearance means you have either paid your outstanding balance or made appropriate arrangements to pay the semester charges by the payment due date (see deadlines).

Students who are not financially cleared by the payment due date risk being dropped from classes for which they have pre-registered. Students who subsequently pay the balance due will have to re-register. Students can verify their financial clearance status by accessing their Bearsnet account.

Final Financial Clearance is determined by the Shaw University Office of Student Accounts.   

Download Returning Students Checklist Download New Students Checklist

How to Obtain Financial Clearance

  1. Review your 'Course and Fee Statement' by logging into Bearsnet Portal  and following these steps:
    1. Login with your ID (as username) and your PIN (as password)
    2. Click on Students tab 
    3. Click on Financial Aid and Account Information link to generate a Course and Fee Statement and view
      • Financial Aid Awards
      • Financial Aid Documents
      • Account Balances
    4. Click on My Account Balances to see your account balance
    5. Click on Current Students Accounts Receivables to see detailed account information.
  2. Ensure that you are being charged for all classes for which you are registered, and if you are on-campus, you have a meal plan and housing charge. (If you do not see a meal plan or housing charge, you have NOT been assigned housing and will need to follow up with Residence Life for an assignment)
  3. After verifying your charges, if you have a CREDIT balance (which will be noted as a negative number beside the BALANCE field) you will be considered financially cleared for the items you have been charged for. Please print your financial clearance and keep for your records. Any changes made after you are financially cleared will result in additional charges that will be added in after the add/drop period and will be due immediately.
  4. If you do not have a zero balance or credit balance, you will need to establish a payment plan or pay in full to be considered financially cleared. Payment plans can be established though the Office of Student Accounts.
  5. To establish your payment plan, you will need to pay off any prior outstanding balance and/or fines. View your fees/fines online by logging in to your Bearsnet account.
  6. Students with balances must make their required down payment as well as sign a payment plan agreement before the Office of Student Accounts can review the student for financial clearance eligibility.
  7. Students with balances will be provided a printed record of their financial clearance once Student Accounts has verified full payment, or a properly executed payment plan has been received.

Registration and Payment Deadlines

Registration/Payment Activity Fall 2022 Deadlines Student/Family Responsibility Missed Deadlines
New Student Orientation August 12-15, 2022 All new admitted students must attend New Student Orientation to get registered for classes!  To attend Orientation, new students must be fully admitted and financially cleared PRIOR to January 4, 2019.
Registration August 17, 2022
(5:00 p.m.) 
Returning students must be registered by 5:00 p.m. on August 17, 2022.Students not registered by 5:00 pm on August 17, 2022 must wait to move into Residence Halls until they are registered.

Residence Hall Move-In
(Must be registered before moving in)

August 11, 2022
(New Students)

August 13-16, 2022
(Returning Students)
All residential students must be financially cleared by Student Accounts AND registered for classes PRIOR to moving into the Residence Halls. Students not financially cleared and registered will not be permitted to move into the Residence Halls.
Academic Advising & Registration
Students who do not register by 5:00 p.m. on January 4, 2019 will be able to register on January 7-8, 2019.For assistance on January 7-8, 2019, students may visit Yancy 234 for guidance. 
First Day of Classes August 17, 2022

Add/Drop Deadline

August 31, 2022
(5:00 p.m.)

All students must be financially cleared and registered by this deadline. Students not financially cleared by this deadline will have their class schedule, housing, and meal plans purged.