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Welcome Back - President Dillard

Welcome Back! 

I hope that you enjoyed the holidays and are as excited as I am to begin the spring semester.  Faculty and staff are preparing to greet new first-time, transfer, and returning students to campus over the next several days.

Each New Year we are presented with the opportunity to be better than we were in the year before, therefore in 2019 and beyond Shaw University will strive to be “Simply the Best.”  Excellence is said to be not so much about being the best as it is about doing our best. We are energized by the shared goal of making every student experience inside and outside of the classroom the best possible. The Faculty and Staff Opening Institute featured a Faculty Research Symposium that showcased many exciting projects in progress are being launched by esteemed faculty and staff, stay tuned more to come. 

The Chairman of our Board of Trustees and I are scheduled to meet with the Raleigh-Wake Alumni Chapter in early January to provide an update on our status and share ways alumni can best support the University’s initiatives. We started the 2018-2019 school year with the mantra “working together works” and all of the progress that has been made to date is because of the collective efforts of family and friends. We have much work to do on doing and becoming the “best” but that is the Shaw University way, it is in our DNA. 

Students, you are encouraged to become involved in the campus community because each of you brings unique gifts and talents to our family.  We would love to have your participation and hope that you will take every opportunity to provide your feedback and input.  There are so many exciting opportunities for you to explore, I hope that you will pursue the many internships, scholarships, partnerships and certifications that are available to you as a Shaw University student. Downtown Raleigh offers a wide variety of experiences and adventures.

 I look forward to continuing the progress we have made toward A New Era of Excellence!

President Dillard

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