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  • Reporting Compliance Concerns

    Non-Retaliation and Confidentiality

    Anyone may raise concerns, issues, and complaints anonymously. Providing sufficient information to permit an investigation and some contact information allows the Compliance Office to follow up in a thorough manner. The Compliance Office will keep the reporting employee’s identity confidential, to the extent possible.

    Retaliation is not permitted against anyone who raises a concern, seeks advice, or reports misconduct to the Compliance Office in good faith. Suspected retaliation should be reported immediately to the Compliance Office.

    NSF Fraud Hotline 800-428-2189

    Reporting Concerns

    Please feel free to raise any Compliance-related questions and concerns by:

    1. Contacting your local Compliance Officer at 919-719-1898 or;
    2. Emailing the University Compliance Office at;
    3. Voicing an anonymous concern through the Compliance Campus Conduct Hotline at 1-866-943-5787; or
    4. Mailing questions or concerns to: Compliance Office, Shaw University, 118 E. South Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
    5. For NSF Grant related concerns, contact 1-800-428-2189.