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Emergency Incidents & Protocol  

Protocols for Counseling Center Emergency Incidents
(Day Time) or (After Hours) 

If an incident, ie Mental or Health Related, occurs in the Residence Halls, please follow these procedures:

  • Resident Manager or RA on duty should record the incident using the incident report form
  • Upon assessing the incident, contact the Campus Police and Security,919-546-8249
  • Campus Police will contact the VP Student Affairs or the Counseling Center’s staff for all Mental Health related incidents and call 919-546-8525 or dial 911 for EMS assistance
  • Campus police will contact the Health Center for Medical or Health related incidents.919-546-8286 for Nurse or University Physician or dial 911 for EMS assistance
  • Incidents that occur off campus, all communications should be forwarded to the campus police and security office who will forward to the VP or Counseling Center or Health Center’s depending on the incident. 
  • Campus Police serves as a filtering source to ensure that all incidents are addressed in an expeditious, efficient and time sensitive manner
  • Mrs. Carver and Nurse Morgan should receive a copy of all discharge papers that may suggest follow up appointments, therapy treatment or medications

Hospitalization And Discharge 

When either the Health or Counseling Center is made aware of a student who is prescribed a psychiatric medication an official notification form must be completed. The official notification will contain student background information on medication and recommendations from prior physicians.

1.    Notification form must be forwarded to either the Health Center (physical) or Counseling Center (psychiatric).

2.    After being out on medical or psychiatric leave or being discharged from the hospital, students must report to the Counseling Center and Student Health Center with Discharge instructions for follow up and meet with the University Physician prior to returning to Shaw University. Students will not be allowed to report to any classes without a clearance slip from the University Physician.

3.    Complete the notice of Discharge Follow-up form

4.    Complete the Authorization to Release form

After-hours Procedures

Evenings & Weekends:
After office hours and on weekends, students may use the counselor on call when they are in a crisis. The student must call Campus Security & Police at 919-546-8249 in order to reach the Counselor on Call. The security officer will call the counselor on call, who will then call back the student at risk. Please note: During these times, the Counseling Center strongly encourages students in crisis to use the community resources listed below.

On-Campus Resources:
Campus Security & Police: (919) 546-8249
Counseling Center: (919) 546-8525 or 8283
OVW Project Director:  (919) 546-8203 
Health Center: (919) 546-8286

Sexual Assault/Survivors Reporting Options and Resources

Step by Step Process

1.    Care for the student in a SAFE confidential area.

2.    Assess the incident

  • Encourage student to get medical attention
  • Preserve, do not destroy, alter, or dispose of any physical evidence.
  • Record the incident using the incident report form

3.    Call Counseling Center: 919-546-8203 or 919-757-2005

4.    Contact the Campus Police and Security,919-546-8249

5.     Contact the Vice President of Student Affairs

6.    Contact the Title IX Coordinator*:

  • *You MUST report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator
  • Mr. Richard Barnes: 919-546-8309,

7.    Connect student with resources if willing:

  • Shaw Student Health Center 919-719-6224
  • Interact Family Safety & Empowerment Center: 919-828-3067
  • Domestic Violence Hotline: 919-828-7740